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A warm Welcome! This website is devoted to ancestors and descendants of early exploreres and settlers who first inhabited the region of the Red River of the North. These were the ancestors whose family trees had their roots there. The first seeds for these trees were primarily Indian people (mostly Cree and Ojibwe) but they became mixed with European races from all over the world, beginning with French and English speaking explorers and fur traders. They produced hybrid trees of all kinds, the branches of which held a few 'bad apples' and lots of 'nuts' but for the most part produced a harvest of countless hardy and remarkable men and women of the finest qualities.


The Red River Jig


I (Gary Still), your host, was born in1939 in Selkirk, Manitoba, and raised in the adjoining community known as Mapleton or Old England, as were most of my close relatives, school-mates and friends, so naturally my own personal interest initially focussed in that general area. Over the period of almost half a century I gradually amassed a gigantic database of information about the ancestry of people who were of iterest to me. Lest I 'kick the bucket' and all my work be lost forever, it occurred to me that I should preserve this stuff and share what I have with other people who might be interested in their ancestry but never had the time or patience to do research themselves.

My first genealogical efforts began as a hobby many years ago and was intially focussed on my late wife's paternal ancestor, Peter FIDLER of Bolsover (1769-1822), and his descendants which include my own children. The website I designed for that purpose (Descendants of Peter Fidler) will remain as a sister-website to this one. However, as I began to get feedback from that effort I soon realized that many of the ancestors I featured there were not necessarily direct descendants of Peter FIDLER even though many were indirectly linked to him. This website was created in order to rectify this; so I could feature other families as well without confusing everyone.


This website is a work in progress. I am frequently modifying and changing the featured family pages whenever new information comes to my attention or when errors need to be corrected (the date of the latest changes are indicated under the titles at the top of the pages). New information is frequently presented by people who visit the website and are interested enough to to share their own information with others on my Forum which was created for that purpose.


Each web-page features an individual family (or topic) with links to other related families or topics wherever possible. Bold red undelined text indicates a link that you can click on which will transfer you to another page or sometimes another website. Use the BACK Arrow at the top left of the menu bar to return to the previous page you were viewing.


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Special Requests for Family Pages


I am very pleased with the increasing number of people who have been visiting my Websites and my Forums. More and more often I am receiving requests for information or to do Special Family Pages. Because of the overwhelming response, I have found it necessary to create a Priority List of family lineages that will receive special attention.


The creation of these Family Pages can be a very time-consuming task. It involves extensive reviews of existing genealogical records and historical information, often difficult computer graphics, etc, etc.


If a Donation is made, your name will be added to the Priority List and extra efforts will be made to work with you to create Family Pages relating to your particular lineage. To make such a donation, simply click the DONATE Button at the top of the page and indicate which family is of particular interest to you.