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(Last Updated: February 04, 2017) 


A warm Welcome! This website is devoted to descendants of early exploders, fur traders and settlers who first inhabited the great Northwest Territory or Rupert’s Land, and more particularly the region of the Red River of the North.


The Red River Jig


I (Gary Still), your host, was born in 1939 in Selkirk, Manitoba, and raised in the adjoining community known as Mapleton or Old England in Manitoba. My hobby of genealogy began with me tracing my own ancestors, but soon grew to include many of my friends and neighbours. Over the period of almost half a century I gradually amassed a gigantic database of information about the ancestry of virtually everyone I knew and became a hobby that occupies most of my time in my old age.


I began a series of Family Pages features individual families (or topics) with links to other related families or topics wherever possible. Bold red underlined text indicates a link that you can click on which will transfer you to another page or sometimes another website.


If you found your way to this website from links from other websites or searches, and you think you may have ancestors here you should go to this link to look for them: RED RIVER ANCESTRY INDEX


Most of these Family Pages have links to related Discussion Forum Topics where you can post your own comments and queries. It is important to note that you must first register, and then log-in before you do so.


This website is a work in progress, and I am frequently modifying and changing the featured family pages whenever new information comes to my attention or when errors need to be corrected (the date of the latest changes are indicated under the titles at the top of the pages). New information is frequently presented by people who visit the website and are interested enough to share their own information with others on my Forum which was created for that purpose.


If you cannot find your ancestors in the Index, then you may post your own comments and/or queries, share information or see the latest postings at this link: GENERAL DISCUSSION FORUM


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Historical topics related to Red River ancestors: HISTORY




More information about me: GARY STILL


Special Requests for Family Pages


I am very pleased with the increasing number of people who have been visiting my Websites and my Forums. More and more often I am receiving requests for information or to do Special Family Pages. Because of the overwhelming response, I have found it necessary to create a Priority List of family lineages that will receive special attention.


The creation of these Family Pages can be a very time-consuming task. It involves extensive reviews of existing genealogical records and historical information, often difficult computer graphics, etc, etc.


If a Donation is made, your name will be added to the Priority List and extra efforts will be made to work with you to create Family Pages relating to your particular lineage. To make such a donation, simply click the DONATE Button at the top of the page and indicate which family is of particular interest to you.


Note: Many genealogists charge an outright fee for their services. Here, the amount of a donation here is entirely up to you as a token of your appreciation. The amount may however become a factor that will be considered when determining the amount of time and effort devoted to your project.