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Spence, Whitford, Norn, Macaulay

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Re: Spence, Whitford, Norn, Macaulay

Post by Shirley » Sun Aug 26, 2012 10:07 pm

Thanks Steven. I have some reading and note comparing to do!

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Re: Spence, Whitford, Norn, Macaulay

Post by Chrysalid58 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 11:02 pm

A note on the John Macaulay (not sure of spelling) reference:

There are two families combined here. John McAuley 1834-1896 married Mary Jane Brazeau 1845-1908

Their children:

Mary Jane MacAuley 1866–1936
John Roderick McAuley 1867–1937
Joseph (Joe) Edward McAuley 1868–1970
Norman McAuley 1869–
William Charles "Charlie" MacAuley 1872–1935
Daniel Louis McAuley 1874–1942
Kathleen McAuley 1874–1899
Scott McAuley 1881–
Christina Normina McAuley 1883–1976
Stanley McAuley 1885–1971
Alice McAuley 1887–
Laurence G McAuley 1889–
Florence McAuley 1889–

This line is well established and supported with various records.

Daniel Louis McAuley 1874-1942 married Lucie Fontaine 1878-1946

Their children:

John George "Jack" McAuley 1900–1985
Mary Jane McAuley 1902–1905
James McAuley 1903–1991
May "Gertie" Gertrude McAuley 1905–1991
Jessie McAuley 1908–1937
Frederick "Blackfoot" Lawrence McAuley 1909–1986
Florence Edith "Moon" McAuley 1914–1991
William "Smokey" Gordon McAuley 1918–2001

James "Jim" McAuley 1903-1991 is my grandfather.



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