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Samuel Foulds & Ann Calder family error

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The Old Medic
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Samuel Foulds & Ann Calder family error

Post by The Old Medic » Wed Jun 24, 2020 6:15 pm

The genealogy posted has one major error.

There was no daughter named "Mary Ann". There were TWO daughters:

1. Mary Foulds, baptized 11 Apr 1830 at St. John's. She married James Johnston (Metis or Native) on 14 December 1854 at St. James. I descend from their daughter, Jemima Johnston.

2. Ann Foulds (also known as Jane) baptized 3 Apr 1832 at St. James. She married Robert Flett.

Samuel Foulds and Nancy Ann Calder had 15 children, all but 1 of them lived, married and had families of their own.

For some reason, James Johnston (about 1805-1810) to 1859 is NOT mentioned. His son James Johnston (1847-1892) married Sarah Atkinson, and they had 6 children, all of whom adopted the spelling "Johbnstone".

I would love to know who James Johnston's parents and /or siblings were. So far, I have not been able to discover even a decent clue.

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