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Researching all descendants of William & Nahovway Sinclair from 1766-2020. Please contact me if you are a descendant.

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 7:53 am
by George Sinclair
I am George Sinclair and I represent Clan Sinclair Canada. We are compiling a manuscript of details about William and Nahovway Sinclair, this pioneering family including detailed genealogy information, family stories, photographs and charts. We have created a significant amount of information about these families and would like to add your information too. If you connect to any of their following siblings please contact me at my email,
The list of Sinclair siblings include Phoebe & Thomas Bunn; William Jr. & Mary McKay; Catherine & Joseph Cook; Ann & John Hodges Spencer; Jane & James Kirkness; Mary & John Inkster; Boy child no known name; John & Nancy Collins ?; James & m1 Elizabeth Bird m2 Mary Campbell; Thomas & m1 Hanna Cummings m2 Caroline Pruden; Colin ~ no known spouse; Second families Betsy Sinclair & m1 George Simpson m2 Robert Seaborn Miles; Fanny Sinclair & John Isbister; Benjamin Sinclair & Marguerite Collins; George Sinclair & ?; Henry Sinclair & ?.
Thank you for your consideration. George