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ISIDORE LOYER (1889-1947)

(Last Updated: August 30, 2015)


Isidore LOYER was born Jan 30, 1889 in Manitoba, son of Josephte CHARTRAND and Jean (John) LOYER (1840-1940).


Margaret LAURENT was born about 1893 in Kamsack, Saskatchewan, and when she was just a young girl her family travelled by ox-cart to Oak Point on Lake Manitoba.


Census of 1901: Isidore LOYER (age 13) with his parents, Josephte (age 51) and Jean LOYER (age 64), in St Laurent.


Gladstone - Winnipeg


Census 1906: Macdonald (#4), SD-19, pg 19, HH-134: John LOYER, age 70; wife Josephte, age 65; son Isisdore (age 18).


Marriage to Margaret LAURENT


On Jan 25, 1910 Isidore married Marguerite LAURENT in St Laurent.


Census 1911: Macdonald (#18), SD-39, pg 1, HH-3 (3-17-4-Wpm): Isidore LOYER, age 23 (born Jan, 1887); wife Marguerite, age 18 (born Dec, 1893); son Jean, age 5 months (born 1911). Next-door in HH-2. John LOYER (his father), age 70 (born 1840); wife Josette, age 60 (b-1850).


World War I


On Aug 4, 1914 Great Britain (Canada on Aug 5) declared war on Germany and Austria-Hungary to uphold treaties with France and Belgium which were under German attack. This marked the beginning of World War I.


On Nov 19, 1914 Isidore’s father, John LOYER died in St Laurent at the age of, age 74.


WWI Attestation: Dated May 2, 1916 at St Laurent: Isidore LOYER of St Laurent; born Jan 30, 1878 in St Laurent. Age 38; 6’ tall, dark complexion, brown eyes and black hair. Next of kin: his wife: Mrs. Maggie LOYER of St Laurent.


Isidore Loyer

Soldier Isidore Loyer


On July 28, 1916 Isidore’s mother, Josette LOYER, died in St Laurent at the age of 71.


Census of 1916 in St Laurent: Isidore LOYER, age 28; wife Maggie L, age 23. Children: Agnes (age 4), Theodore (2) and baby Josephine.


November 11, 1918, Armistice Day (Remembrance Day) marked the end of the First World War.


Move to Vogar


In 1918 the LOYER family moved to Vogar in the vicinity of the Lake Manitoba Narrows (Dog Lake, Dog Creek).


Lake Manitoba Narrows


In 1939 daughter Mary Rose married Frederick MONKMAN, son of Mary Jane DESJARLAIS and James MONKMAN (b-1881) of uncertain origins.
It is uncertain when son Alexander married his sister-in-law, Victoria “Vickie” MONKMAN, daughter of Mary Jane DESJARLAIS and James MONKMAN (b-1881).


By 1947 daughter Bertha was married to Arthur PELLETIER.


On Nov 25, 1947 Isadore LOYER (of Vogar) died in the St Boniface Hospital at the age of 59.


It is uncertain when daughter Bertha married Arthur PELLETIER of uncertain origins.
Also uncertain is when daughter Louise married her brother-in-law John Thomas MONKMAN, son of Mary Jane DESJARLAIS and James MONKMAN (b-1881).


Five Generations of the Loyer Family

Five generations of the Loyer Family in 1986.
Seated is Great-Great-Grandmother, Mrs. Margaret Loyer of Vogar, Manitoba.
Stamding, left to right: Grandfather, Glen Monkman holding Chassidy,
mother Rhonda and great grandmother Louise Monkman.


On June 17, 1989 Margaret (nee LAURENT) LOYER died at the age of 106.


Perhaps in the1950’s daughter Anne Jean married Christopher BEACH, son of an Ojibway woman named Anne and an Unknown BEACH who is said to have been of mixed English and Icelandic origins. ** Note: These were the grandparents of the famous actor, Adam BEACH. ** MORE ABOUT ADAM BEACH in WIKIPEDIA


Adam Beach

Adam Beach in 2013


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========================== Family Details ==========================


1. 1911 JEAN (JOHN) LOYER (Died young)
3. 1914 ALEXANDER LOYER (m. Victoria MONKMAN)
5. Sep 13. 1919 MARY ROSE (ADELE) LOYER (m. Frederick MONKMAN)
8. 1928 ANNE JEAN LOYER (m. Christopher BEACH)
10. 1935 LOUISE LOYER (m. John Thomas MONKMAN)