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THOMAS "BIG TOM" McKAY (1868-1929)

(Last Updated: November 16, 2014)


Thomas “Big Tom” McKAY was born Oct 7, 1868 in St Andrews Parish (Lockport), the eldest son of Caroline WALLER and Edward Richard McKAY (1845-1927). Scrip for Tom was claimed in 1875 by his father.


Parkdale - Selkirk


Marriage to Mary Eliza MOWAT


On May 23, 1893 Tom married Mary Eliza MOWAT in St Andrews, daughter of Annabella BALLENDINE and Edward MOWAT (1851-1890).


The name of Lockport first started to be used  after the Government completed the control dam at the Rapids in 1910.


Lockport Dan and Bridge in 1923

Lockport Bridge and Dam as it appeared in 1923


Census of 1911 east of Lockport:Thomas McKAY, age 42; wife Mary, age 37. Children: Colin (age 17), Grace (15), Thomas (13), Mabel (10), Alfred (8), Edward (5) and Annabella (age 1).


In 1914 eldest daughter Grace married Henry George “Harry” HARCUS in St Andrews, son of Catherine CORRIGAL and George HARCUS (1858-1939).


In 1915 eldest son Colin married Lily PRUDEN in St Andrews, the daughter of Jane Mary SANDERSON and John PRUDEN (1857-1900).


In 1916 son Thomas, “Little Tom”, married Stella PEEBLES in St Andrews, daughter of Margaret McDONALD and Andrew PEEBLES (1847-1908).


Census of 1916 in Lockport (Lot 100 on Stevens Ave): Thomas McKAY, age 47; wife Mary Elizabeth, age 42. Children at home: Mabel (age 15), Alfred (13), Edward (11) and Anabella (age 6).


In 1919 daughter Mabel married William Robert McDONALD in St Andrews, son of Charlotte HARCUS & Robert McDONALD (1848-1927). 


Census of 1921 in Lockport (Lot 100 on Stevens Ave):Thomas McKAY, age 52; wife Mary, age 47. Children still at home: Alfred (age 18), Edward (15) and Annabella (age 11).


In 1929 Thomas McKAY died in St Andrews.


In 1930 son Alfred married Jane YOUNG in Selkirk, the daughter of Lydia COOPER and John YOUNG (1863-1915).


On Nov 3, 1951 Mary (nee MOWAT) McKAY died.


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========================= Family Details =========================


1. Feb 22, 1894 COLIN McKAY (m. Lily PRUDEN)
2. Oct 6, 1895 GRACE McKAY (m. Henry George "Harry" HARCUS)
3. Feb 15, 1898 THOMAS "LITTLE TOM" McKAY (m. Stella PEEBLES)
4. Sep 4, 1900 MABEL McKAY (m. William Robert McDONALD)
5. Nov 11, 1902 ALFRED McKAY (m. Jane YOUNG)
6. Aug 14, 1905 EDWARD McKAY
7. May, 1909 ANABELLA McKAY