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Re: BAIKIE SINCLAIR (1802-1887)

Post by thefishiologist » Tue Jun 24, 2014 3:38 pm

Thanks A.J.

Further to your comment, I have a possible reference to Margaret Gowdie's parents: Joseph Goudie and Grizal Calder. I believe we dug it up in the Orkney archives when we were there, but I can't remember. I have no information on Joseph's parents.

We visited Orphir in 2007 and viewed the church where Baikie and Frances were baptized. Frances married William MacKay (b. 1809 in Halkirk, Caithness), who was a member of John Rae's expedition to the Arctic. They lived at a house called Hall of Clestrain, just outside of Orphir.

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Re: BAIKIE SINCLAIR (1802-1887)

Post by d.r.sinclair » Wed Jan 23, 2019 2:46 pm

Hello all,

My name is Douglas Richard Sinclair. I attend U of T Mississauga campus. I enrolled in a History and Writing course. I chose to right about my Métis family history. I am the son of Bruce Sinclair, who is the son of Gary Malcolm Sinclair, who was the son of Stanley Harold Sinclair.

I asked my Grandfather about the details of my ancestry as far back as he knew. He told me that we descended from Baikie Sinclair.

I would appreciate any further information anyone can offer. If anyone can share stories, information, pictures, documents, and or are willing to be interviewed, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Re: BAIKIE SINCLAIR (1802-1887)

Post by Lrygaard » Wed Sep 09, 2020 9:25 am

I am the great great granddaughter of Baike Sinclair living in BC ..I would welcome any family connections and Information as I work on my family tree . I am also searching for more information on His son Joseph my great grandfather he seems to be a myth.....
My personal email is lrygaard@hotmail.com or find me on messenger Lynnda Banerd Rygaard.
Lynnda Rygaard

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Re: BAIKIE SINCLAIR (1802-1887)

Post by bthor » Wed Oct 21, 2020 6:51 pm

Daughter Elizabeth married Robert Baillie. I have search all Balsillie family members and can not find a Robert born any earlier than 1870.

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