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MAGNUS SPENCE (1765-1845)

Please feel free to post your questions or exchange information.
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Re: MAGNUS SPENCE (1765-1845)

Post by rachelf » Mon Nov 14, 2016 9:39 pm

Dear Mr. Still,

Thank you so much for your excellent work on the RR Settlement Ancestry.
As a descendant of Magnus Spence and Joseph Howse, through Jane Mary (nee Howse) Livingston, I truly appreciate your work. Thank you so much for adding/updating information on my relations on the RR Ancestry Page.

I believe I may have found a resource with a bit more information on Magnus Spence (Sr.)
http://orkneyspences.tribalpages.com/tr ... ver=112628
This page provides a date of birth of
b. 03 Aug 1757
Birsay, Orkney, Scotland
Perhaps the page manager has source information on this.

I appreciate that you indicate the varied birth date estimates on your current page. Perhaps this is another possible estimate that could be added.

Addtional details.
d. 12 May 1845
St Andrews, Red River Settlement, Rupert`s Land, British North America
e. Hudson Bay Co. Service
[Joined Hudson Bay Co. notes]
e. CUS5
[Left Hudson Bay Co. notes]
m. Christianna [Spence]
Rupert`s Land, British North America

With deep appreciation,
Rachel F

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Re: MAGNUS SPENCE (1765-1845)

Post by gnstill » Tue Nov 15, 2016 4:02 pm

Thanks Rachel. Actually, I think I already have most of the information you listed, already in my narrative, but it is nice to have another perspective on this family.
I seem to have your lineage down to Leo DOWLER (1877-1921) with pretty good details. Could you extend the details of your lineage a little more down toward yourself?

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Re: MAGNUS SPENCE (1765-1845)

Post by Stangerlad » Mon Aug 07, 2017 7:59 am

Thanks Rachel for posting a link to my family tree on TribalPages.
And to Mr. Still: A Magnus Spence was definitely a son of William Spence and Janet Alleine (who happen to be my g(4)-grandparents.
I had the rare opportunity in 1999 to visit Orkney as part of an excursion through the Great West Travel Company when 250 Canadians were heading to Orkney to trace their ancestral roots.
At the time, the Kirkwall Town Hall opened up all their historical records to us - books dating right back to the early 1600s. This afforded me the opportunity to transcribe as much info as I could in the week that we were there, thereby tracing my family line back to the late 1500s.
Only recently did I discover that my g(*)-grandfather came originally from Fife in the late 1500s as part of a "work" crew to build a palace for the Earl of Orkney, Earl Patrick Stewart. Their destination Birsay in the north-west corner of the mainland island. After completion he settled in the Northside area of Birsay and the rest is history. Remnants of the palace still stand today.
So, on good authority, I can definitely state that a Magnus Spence, the son of William Spence and Janet Alleine, was christened 3 AUG 1757 in Birsay Orkney. Now the big question, is he the same one that joined the HBC.
Will let you know if I find
Great work on this site and thanks again Mr Still.

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Re: MAGNUS SPENCE (1765-1845)

Post by Stangerlad » Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:50 am

Dug through my old records from my 1999 excursion and found Magnus Spence born in 1764 to Nicol Spence and Margaret Harvey in Howan, Sabiston, Birsay, Orkney - Joined the HBC in 1783 serving 39 years with them before retiring in 1822. He took a country wife, Christianna, a Cree woman in 1792, having 7 known children with her. Magnus died 3 MAY 1845 in St Andrews, Red River Settlement.
His brother, James Spence, born in 1754 in Howan, joined the HBC 1773 serving with them until his death 27 NOV 1795 at Buckingham House. James married Margaret Nistichio Batt in 1781 à la façon du pays (in the custom of the country) becoming his country wife. She was the daughter of Isaac Batt and a Cree woman. Nistichio, Cree for three-persons-in-one, was born in 1757 in Rupert's Land. She was raised to be at home in both native and Scottish cultures.
So mystery solved. ??

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Re: MAGNUS SPENCE (1765-1845)

Post by rachelf » Sat Dec 16, 2017 6:16 pm

Thank you so much, Mr. Still, for the work you have done to research and trace the stories/journeys of our relations to/and from the RRS.
With sincere appreciation.
Rachel F

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Re: MAGNUS SPENCE (1765-1845)

Post by WendyKH » Sun Nov 29, 2020 4:51 pm

Hi there! Thank you so much Gary for your amazing write up of my ancestors! You not only brought them alive to me, but you made me love our history at the same time. Magnus Spence is my 5th x Grandfather along with the Witford family. We are from Nancy Mary Spence, Magnus daughter. So, I am currently stuck going passed Magnus's line. Do we have confirmation on his parents? Are they William and Janet Alleine or Nichol and Margret? And are these 2 brothers?

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