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JAMES SHAND (1890-1956)

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Re: JAMES SHAND (1890-1956)

Post by terrancebecht » Fri Sep 20, 2019 7:01 am

I can help fill out the history of the Shand family. James Hamilton Shand had three brothers, one of whom was my great grandfather Thomas Percy Shand, so, if the person behind the previous posts (cterrio) has any objections, sorry, I have the proper right and the family connection to do so. My grandmother spoke often and fondly of her Canadian cousins --especially her uncle Jim, who she named her oldest son (my uncle Jim Becht) after because of the uncanny family resemblance.
James had eight children, two by a first wife named Rachel Thomas: Raymond and Winnie and six from a second marriage to Eleanor Mayo: Caroline, George, James Oliver, Clifford, Charles Dawson and Coreen. In the past I corresponded with Caroline, Jim, and Charlie, as well as Raymond's son Richard Philip Shand. I also have the recollections of my grandmother Virginia Bernadeen Becht (nee Shand).
I know that some of the descendants of James Hamilton Shand and Eleanor Mayo dispute the legitimacy of Raymond and Winnie, but the recorded history is clear, and when I met with James Oliver Shand in the fall of 1993 he personally confirmed the truth.
I would be happy to help this website in any way I can, and I am eager to connect with all of my cousins. I am writing a family history and a biography of my grandmother and I would love to include her Canadian heritage.
Terrance Becht
Seattle, WA.

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