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JACOB CORRIGAL (1773-1844)

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Re: JACOB CORRIGAL (1773-1844)

Post by Donn » Thu Oct 20, 2016 3:46 pm

The four unmarried Jacob Corrigal and Mary (Goodwin) Corrigal children: Charlotte; Elizabeth; Catherine and William, were always thought to have been decently buried within a close region of their late father's huge sarcophagus onto which their four death-dates and names are duly enscribed; however, on subsequent investigation the writer determined that these four unmarried children had been buried, beginning in 1890, in the new Cobourg Cemetery, with all four Corrigal bodies buried, two bodies in each of two unmarked graves. However, their burials are duly recorded in the Cobourg Cemetery's log book of grave sites. However, the two other buried Corrigal females are properly buried, with their respective husbands: Ann (Corrigal) Nourse is buried in the Cobourg Cemetery, and Mary (Corrigal) Scollie is buried in the Otonabee St Mark churchyard Cemetery. Jacob's wife remains buried where she died on 23 Sept 1823, at age 35, in the old HBC Martin Falls Cemetery beside the the Albany River. These, my ancestral females derive from Mistigoose (Ojicree native) Goodwin, to Mary (Goodwin) Corrigal, to Mary (Corrigal) Scollie, to Margaret Charlotte Corrigal (Scollie) Fowler who is my 1977 "discovered Metis" great grandmother who twice married my great grandfather Samuel Fowler; first, at Benton, Minnesota, in 1862, and secondly at Peterborough, Ontario, in 1872, with their first child, Alfred Herbert Fowler (b.1783-d.1948) born at Carver, Minnesota, my paternal grandfather, now buried in Kingston Ontario. .

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Re: JACOB CORRIGAL (1773-1844)

Post by erinmillions » Sun May 28, 2017 12:56 pm

Son Joseph Corrigal was escorted to England aboard the Eddystone by John Davis in 1822. Davis was transporting his two daughters, Matilda and Elizabeth as well.

Sources: Cross-reference the HBCA bio sheets for John Davis and Jacob Corrigal. This is confirmed in the ship list for the Eddystone.

I don't have a birth date for him, nor do I know what happened to him. Perhaps he died while at school in England.

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Re: JACOB CORRIGAL (1775-1844) not 1772 or 73

Post by Donn » Sat Dec 15, 2018 7:01 pm

To Erinmillions,

Joseph Corrigal is neither a son nor a grandson of Jacob and Mary Corrigal (Mary died 23rd Sept 1823 at age 35) and since you indicate Joseph went to England with three named Davis persons--- a father Davis and his two daughters-- I can only assume that the "Joseph Corrigal", a boy, who went with them possibly was a child of some other HBC surnamed "Corrigal" employed elsewhere than where Jacob and his murdered one year older brother ,William Corrigal, who was killed in 1832 at the Hannah Bay HBC post. Therefore, you have not proven that that "Joseph Corrigal" was ever blood-related to my ancestral Corrigal, Goodwin /Goodwyn, Daniel orFowler family, except for the marriage of Jacob Daniel and Margaret "Peggy" Goodwin, the HBC daughter of surgeo/Trader, Robert Goodwin and Mistigoose. Therefore, your indication of a "Joseph Corrigal's" ship sailing is not relavent in this particular family matter. I trust you will agree?

Best regards
Donn Fowler

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