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Post by gnstill » Wed Sep 28, 2016 10:42 am

Family Page: WILLIAM HENRY GROVE(1906-1997)

Please post comments and queries about the FAMILY of WILLIAM HENRY GROVE here.

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Post by cbenson » Wed Jan 01, 2020 5:48 pm

my name is Carmen Benson, I am writing this in regards to my husband Edward John Benson (he goes by John). John Benson is the son to Edward (Ted) Grove and Susan (Olson) Benson. Ted was first married to Mae Chastellaine. Then lived with Susan (Olson) Benson. They did not marry but lived together (common law) in the early 1970's in Winnipeg, Manitoba and had their son Edward John Benson (John). Ted married Mariah D'Arcy and lived in Fort McMurrey, with two more sons, James Grove (passed away August 21, 2019) and Alden Grove, with Mariah. Ted passed away April 17, 2005 Edmonton, Alberta. If you know anyone in the Grove family they can confirm that John is Ted’s son.
In William Henry Grove and Lorna Chastellaine's genealogy page there is a family picture, but has been cropped, I have the original picture of it and it has Susan Benson standing in front of Ted. John's aunt Stella (Settee) Grove (wife to Dennis Grove) sent that picture to John a few years ago, as well as some of his father, Ted.
The reason I am sending this because John would like very much if someone would add his mother Susan (Olson) Benson to Ted Grove as his spouse as well.
John has contact with some of his Grove family as well as his sister, brother and his step mother, Mariah.
Thank you so much for everything and I appreciate your time and accepting me to register.
Again, thank you,
Carmen Benson.

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