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[Shot in the dark] John Smith b. ~1735 Legerwood, Scotland, d. aft. 1800

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2021 1:11 pm
by jrb
John Smith of Legerwood Scotland married Louise Charlotte Taché 22 November 1763 in Quebec City.

Louise Charlotte Taché's grandfather's first marriage was to a métis woman, Genevieve Couturier.

For children, I have

* John Smith (sepulcher @ Montreal: ... d=14824713)
* Elizabeth Marguerite Smtih (baptism @ St. Francois du Lac: ... 2C21429301)
* Charlotte Smith b. 3 Dec 1768 @ St. Francois du Lac, m. 15 Feb 1790 @ Vercheres, d. 6 Feb 1854 @ Vercheres (marriage @ Vercheres: ... 2C25384901)
* Pierre Smith b. 11 Sep 1770 @ St. Francois du Lac
* Antoine Smith b. 6 Jan 1772 @ St. Francois du Lac
* Joseph Smith b. 28 Nov 1773 @ Trois Rivieres, m. 29 Feb 1808 @ Baie du Febvre
* Louis Charles Smith b. 11 Jul 1775 @ Montreal, d. 16 Jul 1775 @ Montreal
* Guillaume Smith b. 16 Mar 1778 @ Montreal, m. 8 Jul 1805 @ Baie du Febvre, m. 14 Feb 1831 @ Baie du Febvre, d. 8 Aug 1835 @ Baie du Febvre
* Marie Elizabeth Smith b. 11 May 1870 @ Montreal, m. 10 Feb 1800 @ Vercheres, d. 12 Jun 1811 @ Montreal (Parish Les Saint Anges Gardiens de Lachine)
* Marie Angelique Smith b. 21 Sep 1782 @ Montreal, d. 14 Aug 1793 @ Montreal (Parish St. Enfant Jesus, Point aux Trembles)

So I haven't located all records pertaining to John Smith's family. I've looked a lot into the couple John Smith and Louise Charlotte Taché in particular. The 1790 marriage record of Charlotte Smith suggests both are dead. However, the 1800 marriage record of Marie Elizabeth Smith reveals that John Smith is still alive and is a marchand voyageur in Upper Canada. There was an ad-hoc guardianship instituted for the purpose of approving of the marriage of Marie Elizabeth Smith as she hadn't yet reached the age of majority. Charlotte's husband Francois Lalue dit Lamontagne approved of the marriage in place of John Smith. In the record for the ad-hoc guardianship, it states that Louise Charlotte Taché is dead and that John Smith has been absent more than 14 years.

I'm wondering how far John Smith might've gone west and am wondering what resources might be available to figure that out as it's rare for me to look outside of Quebec and New England records for my ancestors, and John Smith is a painful name to research genealogy on. I do note that there's this old forum discussion topic on a different John Smith ... ?f=2&t=224

Edit to add: Louise Charlotte Taché would've likely only known the grandparents on her mother's side--don't think her father's parents migrated. Her father Guillaume Taché was from France and died by cannonball in Quebec City in 1760 according to one of Tanguay's footnotes. Her grandfather was Jean Metivier who migrated from France to Canada. Her mother was not born of the Couturier marriage, so basically we're just looking at like half-aunts and half-uncles were all métis.

Edit 2: Also wonder if I a reason I can't find death records for Pierre and Antoine is because they went with him (English name equivalents being Peter and Anthony). Though haven't found one for Elizabeth Marguerite Smith either.

Edit 3: Looks like son Joseph Smith, another who I haven't found any death record for but married in Baie du Febvre, looks like he had a métis kid--haven't really looked into this (Guillaume Smith's signature on everything really helps with forgiving name misspellings and such): ... cat=243155

Edit 4: Note to myself: need to check notary records to see if there are marriage contracts that might produce additional information. (Joseph Smith's marriage should be act 198 here but it isn't loading for me: ... %20Library)

Re: [Shot in the dark] John Smith b. ~1735 Legerwood, Scotland, d. aft. 1800

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2021 12:36 pm
by jrb
So it looks like John Smith and the older children may have gone west either before or after the death of Louise Charlotte Tache in the mid-1780s. At least one son of John Smith, Joseph Smith, returns east at some point after the death of John Smith being in Baie-du-Febvre as early as 1808 with a metis daughter nearly 11 years old, Marie Elizabeth Smith, who gets baptized and then Joseph Smith gets married there too. Joseph Smith dies shortly after his wife in St-Aimé in 1838. Marie Elizabeth Smith's marriage record does not mention a mother.

Have this for Joseph Smith's marriage contract which is hard to read and has a lot of marginalia so would take longer than my 15 minute allotted work break: ... at=1168819

Need to follow up on Pierre Smith and Antoine Smith too but didn't have so much as a marriage record for either of them like I did for Joseph.

Re: [Shot in the dark] John Smith b. ~1735 Legerwood, Scotland, d. aft. 1800

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2021 2:40 pm
by jrb
Okay, so I've located a 1765 death record for Elizabeth Marguerite Smith in Quebec City (Notre Dame parish) an 1806 marriage record for Antoine Smith in St. Louis, MO, USA where it appears he settled around there and inherited land from his wife's family. Still nothing for a baptism of Jean Smith the younger and no death record for Pierre Smith as far as children go. Also have found no death record for Louise Charlotte Tachet or John Smith the elder.

Marriage contract for Antoine Smith: ... cat=130717