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Post by gnstill » Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:30 pm

New Family Page: WILLIAM ISBISTER (1835-1915)

Please post comments and queries about William ISBISTER and his family here.

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Re: WILLIAM ISBISTER (1835-1915)

Post by Sid60 » Sun Mar 28, 2021 3:13 pm

Good afternoon and thank you for allowing me to join the forum.

My name is Jody and I am finding it so interesting at chasing history. I am hoping someone can help me here. My husband is the great grandson of Margaret Ross, who was raised by William and Mary Ann Isbister. She was born in 1885 in the Kenora area and her mother drowned in 1900. Her father was unable to care for her and any siblings she had. She was then raised by the Isbister's. I am having a hard time finding any information and my mother-in-law does not remember Margaret talking about her childhood. Any census I have looked up does not include Margaret Ross, just William's daughter Margaret Jane. If anyone can send me in the right direction or can help me, it would be so greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!

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