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Catherine Campbell

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Henry Smith
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Catherine Campbell

Post by Henry Smith » Wed Jun 24, 2020 6:12 pm

Upon reading the history of Colin Campbell it states that he had a daughter born in Dunvegan quote "More certain is the birth of daughter Catherine in 1815 at Dunvegan"

as well as reading BENJAMIN McKENZIE SR (1807-1837)
CATHERINE CAMPBELL (1815-1902) it states quote "Catherine CAMPBELL was born around 1815 at Fort Dunvegan, the daughter of Liza McGILLIVRAY & Colin CAMPBELL (1787-1853), another famous and successful old Nor'Wester who became an HBC employee after the 1821 NWC-HBC merger. Cathy's pre-teen years were spent at fur-trade posts in Peace River country in the far Northwest of Alberta, mainly Fort Dunvegan, Fort Vermillion and Fort Chipewyan"

As Catherine is part of my family history i haven't been able to find documentation of this can anyone help me to find the documents any help would be appreciated

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