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Robert Taylor

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Robert Taylor

Post by voyageur » Fri Jan 21, 2022 8:04 am

On the page devoted to George Taylor, HBC sloopmaster, his children are listed as George Jr., Peter, Thomas, Margaret, Mary and Nancy. I believe there were actually nine: sons: George, Thomas, John who died in 1809, Peter and Robert; daughters: Margaret, Mary, Jane and Nancy.
Robert Taylor is purported to have been in England since childhood and in 1834 was a mate on a coaler out of Shields or Newcastle. In 1837 when Peter Taylor died on the Dease-Simpson Arctic Discovery mission, his relatives had not heard from him in 3 years.
Recently, I had a genetic match on 23&Me which might indicate that Robert Taylor may have left descendants. This match shares genetic material with me and other Taylor descendants and also has Native ancestry, but here's the catch: all of his ancestors through his second great grandparents never left Lincolnshire.
Of course, it's possible that George Taylor Jr. could also be the ancestor of this man since he was educated for a time in England or Scotland.

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