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Fidler and Young

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Great Bear Woman
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Fidler and Young

Post by Great Bear Woman » Tue Oct 24, 2023 8:51 pm

Records and DNA
I have now done my DNA matching and also GED Matching - I am grateful to those who knew the systems.
Thank you to those who maintain the records for others.

I had posted years ago about James Young my grandfather and Isabella Stevens, my grandmother. Then James Young Jr. and Margaret Ann Gunn.
Later to find the connection was perhaps Jane Young and William "Bill" Fidler.

Elizabeth Penachequay with William Bolland
Nancy Ann Bollen/Bolland with William Donald
May Donald with Andrew McCorrister and James Gunn

Penachequay -James Bay, Stevens -Moose Factory, Swain- York Factory

With the history of Penachequay and James Bay, the learning of Montreal was more obvious.

I too studied: Bibliography
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My family love will always include the Fidler history. Too close over time - Swain, Fidler, Mackagonne, James Bay, the canoes, and the snowshoes I know well from my own lifetime.

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