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Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:24 pm
by gnstill
New Family Page: ALEXANDER SAYER (1882-1948)

Please post comments and queries about the FAMILY OF ALEXANDER "SANDY" SAYER here.

Re: ALEXANDER SAYER (1882-1948)

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:14 am
by umbrow43

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and research! I got my geneology done a while ago and thought for fun that I would google some of the names on it. I never thought I would find this much information!! Basically all the people on my geneology are on your website! Unfortunately it is not letting me post a picture on here so I will send you my geneology via email for your interest.

I am a granddaughter of Flora Bella Sayer who was married to Clifford Brown. You have it noted here that Clifford Brown was the son of Archibald Brown and Margaret Hourie. I know Archibald was his dad but it has always been a mystery to my family who Clifford's mother was. However, I am not sure if Margaret Hourie is correct? According to my Dad, my grandfather Clifford and his brother "Buster" (not sure if that is his real name or a nickname) was raised by their aunt, because their mother died when they were very young. According to my research, Margaret Hourie's death date doesn't line up. However, I may be wrong, I am new at this. I was wondering if you had any information that may solve this mystery? Thank you again so much!

Re: ALEXANDER SAYER (1882-1948)

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:24 am
by umbrow43
Sorry I left out that Clifford Brown's Aunt was Maggie Folster (not sure if Folster was her maiden name or not.

Re: ALEXANDER SAYER (1882-1948)

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 3:39 pm
by Jody
Hello, my name is Jody, I am one of Judith Ann Sayer’s daughters. She was born on March 21 1943 and had 5 children , Barry, Brian Jody , Jowell and (Joseph, who died at birth). Judith Ann Sayer is the daughter of Lillian Sayer. Judith Ann was born out of wedlock. Judith Ann Sayer was known best in Grand Marais Manitoba as Judy ; Gordon Sayer I believe is her half brother. I never did find out who her father was. If anyone has more information on this. Please feel free to fill in the gaps. I would love to find out more on Lillian Sayer.

Re: ALEXANDER SAYER (1882-1948)

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 1:30 pm
by umbrow43
Hi Jody. Lillian Sayer would have been my Great Aunt? I asked my dad (George) if he knew anything about who Aunt Judy's Dad was and he didn't know anything. Sorry I hope you are able to find some information for yourself :)