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JOHN NORQUAY (1810-1849)

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JOHN NORQUAY (1810-1849)

Post by gnstill » Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:18 am

New Family Page: JOHN NORQUAY (1810-1849)

Please post comments and queries about the John NORQUAY family here.

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Re: JOHN NORQUAY (1810-1849)

Post by jpaterson » Tue Nov 27, 2018 2:21 pm

Slightly off-topic but...

After several years, I've returned to investigating Nancy Norquay (Ward)'s mother: Angelique Ward (Bruyere) and it's still a bit of an issue.

For starters, Angelique married Jacque John Ward, becoming Angelique Ward
Their son John married a woman named Angelique - also Angelique Ward
Her brother Jean Baptiste Bruyere married a woman name Angelique, making her Angelique Bruyere
And, of course, they named one of their daughters Angelique - another Angelique Bruyere

This wouldn't have been too bad if there existed a definitive date for Angelique Bruyere's birth.
Sprague and Frye have it as 1801, making her mother (Francoise) about 14 at the time of her birth.
It also puts her as 9 years older than her husband Jacque John Ward.
I'm inclined to think they (Sprague and Frye) transposed the last two digits and she was born in 1810...

The records of St Francois Xavier Catholic church record her death on 9 July 1891 (in truly awful handwriting), witnessed by Pierre Poitras.
I think Pierre Poitras may have been her son-in-law (but I haven't looked at that part of the family)
They give her parent's names (Jean Baptiste Bruyere and Francoise de les Serpens) I know it's the right Angelique.

The question that comes up is where was she between marrying Jacques Ward and dieing in St Francois Xavier?
I can't seem to find her on any of the census images.
Did they move out of Manitoba?
Did she remarry? (to a Zaste?)

Does anyone have any information on Angelique Bruyere (1801-1891)?

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Re: JOHN NORQUAY (1810-1849)

Post by jpaterson » Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:15 pm

I guess I should have waited a bit...
Turns out Angelique married Francois Robinson in 1848.
That means Jacque Ward died earlier than I thought...

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