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Alexander CAMPBELL was born Nov 14, 1734 in Margowan, Killin Parish, Perthshire, Scotland, son of Elizabeth BUCHANAN & James CAMPELL (b-c1690).


In 1754 the French and Indian War began in North America (between Britain and French colonies). This was the American name for the Seven Year’s War (1754-1763).


Alex became a Liertenant in the Black Watch (Scottish) Regiment of the British Army (42nd Regiment of Foot). In the same regiment were his brother Moses CAMPBELL (a sergeant) and his brother James CAMPBELL (a soldier).


Alex and his brothers sail to North America as Soldiers of the British Army


In 1756 Alex and his brothers sailed to North America, landing at New York City. They were sent to Albany, NY to be trained in bush fighting. Their first action was in the summer of 1758, a tragic assault on a French fort at Ticonderoga, where Lieutenant Alex was wounded. After resigning his commission, he settled in Schenectady.


New York - Montreal


VAUDREUIL is defeated in the BATTLE of ST FOY


In September of 1759 Quebec fell to the British in Sept, 1759 in the famous Quebec Battle on the Plains of Abraham. French General MONTCALM was defeated by British General WOLFE. Both WOLFE and MONTCALM died in the battle. The following summer, in the Battle of Ste FOY, VAUDREUIL surrendered Montreal to MURRAY HAVILAND and AMHERST, and the whole of Canada to the British on Sep 8, 1860.


The French era of fur trade in North America was effectively over. It transferred control of the country into English hands and launched a new period of colonization that would make minorities of the French Canadians, known as ‘Canadiens’, who until that time had dominated the fur trade in the Great Lakes region.


Marriage to Catherine VETTER


In 1765 Alex married Catherine VETTER in New York City. Catherine died in 1767, and there is no record of children from this marriage.


Marriage to Magdalena VAN SICE


In 1768 Alex was 38 years old when he married in New York to 19 year old Magdalena VAN SICE, daughter of Margareta (nee FORT) and Johannes VAN SICE, a Gunsmith\ Armourer. Their first two children died in infancy in 1772; (Charlotte and Margaret).


Alex purchased large land holdings in the Mohawk Valley, and owned and operated a store and tavern in Schoharie (west of Schenectady). In 1773, son Duncan was born, followed by James in 1774.


American Revolutionary War or the War of Independence


In 1775 the first shots of the American Revolution rang out at Lexington (NE of Boston). This was the beginning of the war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the United States of America, but gradually grew into a world war between Britain (the Loyalists) on one side and the United States, France, Netherlands and Spain on the other (the Rebels). General George WASHINGTON (1732-1799) was the Commander-in-Chief of the American Continental Army throughout the war


When the hostilities began, many of the Scottish settlers of the Mohawk Valley fled with their families to Quebec. On June 3, 1775 Alex was a resident of Schenectady, under orders never to return to Schoharie.


In 1776 the American Revolutionary War or the War of Independence was formally declared. That spring, Sir John JOHNSON (1741-1830) travelled to Montreal, commissioned to recruit the first battalion of the King’s Royal Regiment of New York. The "Royal Yorkers", as they became known.


Because Alex did not support the American rebels, his store in Schoharie was looted and vandalized and he moved back to Schnectady (NE of Albany). His father-in-law, Alexander (?) VAN SICE, a revolutionary, had Alex and other Loyalists thrown in jail again for warning Sir John JOHNSON (1741-1830) of his impending arrest, thus giving Sir John enough lead time to round up his family and tenants, and escape north to Canada.


Alex was subsequently sent a prisoner to Connecticut, but on December 3 was permitted to return home on parole. In May, 1777, he was recommended to the field officers as "a dangerous person," and on May 3 was arrested to be taken to Albany but was released on his oath that he would take up arms in defense of the country in case of any invasion.


Alex moves to Canada (New Johnstown)


Early in 1778 France openly entered the war, evening the military strength of the Americans with Britain.


On September 7, 1778, Alex refused to take the American Oath of Allegiance, and requested permission of the Commissioners of Conspiracies to remove to Canada with his family. This request was granted and he was ordered to prepare himself to be removed on the shortest notice. He probably acted as a spy on various occasions, as his petition to the British Government for remuneration contains an item of 15 pounds 13 shillings, cash paid to sundry expenses in obtaining information of the situation of the Continental Army for Generals BURGOYNE and FRASER.


Alex had three surviving children at this point; Duncan (age 5), Margaret (age 2) and baby James Ellice. They first relocated to Montreal, later to Charlottenburg (ON). They finally settled at New Johnstown (later named Cornwall, Ontario).


The Constitutional Act of 1791 (an Act of the Parliament of Great Britain) made Provision for the Government of the Province of Quebec. The reformed province accommodated 10, 000 English speaking United Empire Loyalists who had arrived there following the American Revolution. According to their location on the St Lawrence River, the western half became Upper Canada (now southern Ontario) and the eastern half Lower Canada (now southern Quebec) with a population of 145, 000 French speaking inhabitants.


Upper and Lower Canada 1791

Upper and Lower Canada were created in 1791


By 1792 the family of Alexander CAMPBELL (age 58) and his wife Magdalena (age 43) consisted of eleven surviving children: Duncan (age 19), Margaret (age 16), James (14), Alexander (13), Mary (11), Nancy (8), Peter (8), Elizabeth (6), Colin (5), John Duncan (age 2) and their last child, baby Catherine.


From 1792 to 1797 Alex was a member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Upper Canada (Toronto), representing Dundas county west of Cornwall.


On Oct 24, 1800 Alexander CAMPBELL died in New Johnstown (Cornwall, ON).


Around 1809 son John Duncan began a connubial relationship with a Native woman named Catherine at Ile a la Crosse.


On June 27, 1829, Magdalena CAMPBELL died in Montreal.


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====================== Family Details ======================


1. July 26, 1769 CATHERINE CAMPBELL (Died in infancy Age 3)
2.Mar 29, 1771 MARGARET CAMPBELL (Died in infancy Age 1)
3. Feb 21, 1773 JOHN DUNCAN CAMPBELL (m1. Catherine (Native), m2. Elizabeth McDONALD)


4. Aug 6, 1774 JAMES CAMPBELL (Died in infancy Age 2)
5. May 22, 1776 MARGARET CAMPBELL (?m. Isaac RUSSELL)
6. Mar 24, 1778 JAMES ELLICE CAMPBELL (m. Elizabeth THURBER)
8. Nov 4, 1781 MARY CAMPBELL (?m. George DAVIES)
?9. June 30, 1784 NANCY CAMPBELL (?m. Johnathan SCOTT)
10. Nov 18, 1784 PETER CAMPBELL
12. Nov 25, 1787 COLIN CAMPBELL (m. Elizabeth McGILLIVRAY)


14. Nov 13, 1792 CATHERINE CAMPBELL (m1. James Stanley GODDARD, m2. Henry Francis O’NEIL)