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MESSENOBENOE (c1726-c1764)
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** MORE ABOUT FERDINAND JACOBS in DCBO (by Shirlee Anne Smith)


Much of the genealogy that follows is based upon the work of Donna G Sutherland in her book, NAHOVWAY, A Distant Voice, published in 2008. Donna is herself a descendant of NAHOVWAY. On page 27 of her book, Donna provides us with a chart captioned ‘Nahovway’s potential family tree’, based upon her extensive research and the skilful piecing together the puzzle that has existed for years.


Ferdinand JACOBS was born around 1713, probably in England.  Although it has been stated that Jacobs was “Canada’s first Jew,” no record of his religion has been traced in the HBC Archives. From the fort journals it is evident that he supported the Church of England. ** MORE ABOUT OTHER EARLY JEWISH FUR TRADERS – JOHN LYONS


Fort Prince of Wales


In 1732 JACOBS entered HBC service; he worked as an accountant under Richard NORTON (1701-1741) at Prince of Wales Fort (Churchill, MB).


Hudson Bay Forts

Map base from Yahoo Maps (Modifications by Gary Still)


In 1741 Richard NORTON returned to England where he died that winter. He was succeeded at Churchill by James ISHAM (c1716-1761). In 1745 ISHAM was recalled to England, replaced by Robert PILGRIM (Ferdinand JACOBS became second in command).


In 1748 PILGRIM was transferred to Moose Factory and was replaced at Churchill by Joseph ISBISTER (1710-1771).


In 1752 JACOBS succeeded ISBISTER as Chief Trader at Fort Prince of Wales. It was around this time that he began a connubial relationship with Messenobenoe, daughter of Richard NORTON, who he met when he first began his Company service. ** MORE ABOUT RICHARD NORTON


Daughter Thucotch was born around 1754; son Samuel in 1756.

In 1759 JACOBS sailed to England on a year’s leave of absence, taking with him his three year old son Samuel, who remained there with relatives to be educated.. Later, Samuel served as an officer in the East India Company (Madras, India). Ferdinand returned to Churchill in 1760


Chief Factor at York Factory


In 1762, at his own request, JACOBS was made Chief Factor at York Factory, replacing James ISHAM (who had died the previous year). Eight year old daughter Thucotch and her mother (Messenobenoe) remained in the Churchill area, although they made frequent trips to visit their father at York.


In June of 1764 Moses NORTON, wrote a letter from Churchill to JACOBS noting that his eldest sister (Messenobenoe) was ill. Donna (pg26) suggests that Messenobenoe probably died before 1769. Moses NORTON died in 1773. Thucotch would have been about 19 years old by that time.


Ferdinand JACOBS retires to England


In 1775 JACOBS (age 62) retired from Company service and returned to London, never more to return to the Bay. Daughter Thucotch (age 21) became the wife of George HOLT around that time.


============================ Family Details ============================


Children of Messenobenoe & JACOBS:
1. c1754 THUCOTCH JACOBS (m. George HOLT)
** Parents of NAHOVWAY -  Continued BELOW **
2. Jan 10, 1756 SAMUEL JACOBS



GEORGE HOLT (c1750-c1784)
THUCOTCH JACOBS (c1754-1819)


George HOLT was born around 1750 in St Paul, Shadwell, England.


On Aug 9, 1768 George became a Sailor for the HBC on the good ship Prince Rupert; later the Sloop Churchill on which he became the Acting Mate, then Mate by 1770. During this period he made a trip to York Fort; he went on a York Fort Expedition and a Northern Expedition.


On Aug 26, 1771, after another Northern Expedition, George sailed for England aboard the King George, having been called home.


On Jan 22, 1776 Samuel HEARNE (1745-1792) became the Governor of Prince of Wales Fort.


On Sep 13, 1779 George HOLT returned to the Bay aboard the Seahorse II and was made Master of the Sloop Charlotte (he made another Northern Expedition during 1780-81).


In August 1782 Fort Prince of Wales fell to Comte de LAPEROUSE [GALAUP] who blew holes in the walls Ferdinand JACOBS had so painstakingly built during his command.

From August to October of 1782 George escaped the capture of Fort Prince of Wales by the French under LAPEROUSE. He escaped to Plymouth on the Charlotte; in November he left for London under convoy but was captured by the French and held prisoner at Le Havre, never to return to the Bay.


On Nov 21, 1783 Ferdinand JACOBS (Thucotch’s father) was buried in London, England.


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============================ Family Details ============================


Children of Thucotch & George HOLT:
1. c1776 JACK
2. c1780 NAHOVWAY ("ECHO")  (m. William SINCLAIR)