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WILLIAM LAING (1816-1894)
ELIZABETH COOK (1816-1898)

(Last Updated: August 31, 2017)


** Brent LAING and his cousin (Heather (nee WRIGHT) PYRCH) deserve most of the credit for researching their PYRCH, WRIGHT and LAING ancestors.


William LAING was born Apr 20, 1816 in Denny, Stirlingshire, Scotland, son of Mary ALLAN and George LAING (b-c1780). ** Stirlingshire is located to the SE of Stirling (shown on map below), NE of Glasgow.


Central Scotland

Central Scotland


Marriage to Elizabeth COOK


On July 21, 1837 William married Elizabeth COOK, daughter of Marion SHAW and John COOK (b-1773).

In 1868 daughter Marion married George WRIGHT in Scotland, the son of Agnes DICKSON and James WRIGHT (1804-1880). George died in Scotland. ** These are the great grandparents of Heather (nee WRIGHT) PYRCH.


William LaingElizabeth (nee Cook) Laoing

William Laing - Elizabeth (nee Cook) Laing
 (Shared by Cindy Davis and Heather Pyrch)


In 1883 son John married Janet Pairman MOULTRIE in Scotland, the daughter of Catherine PETTIGREW and Alexander MOULTRIE (1826-1897). ** These are the great-great grandparents of Brent LAING.


On Jun 8, 1894 William LAING died in Patrick, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland at the age of 80. ** Patrick is located to the west of Glasgow.


On Oct 17, 1898 Elizabeth (nee COOK) LAING died in Patrick, Glasgow.


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============================= Family Details =============================

1. Dec 1, 1838 MARION LAING (m. George WRIGHT)
2. Dec 1, 1838 MARY LAING (m. James FLETCHER)           
3. Oct 16, 1840 HELEN LAING (m. William NORRIE)
4. Jan 5, 1843 JESSIE LAING (m. James SHAW)
5. Jun 12, 1845 ELIZABETH LAING (m. James FORFAR)
6. May 14, 1847 ALISON LAING (m. Matthew BORLAND)
7. Oct 8, 1850 WILLIAM LAING
8. Sep 12, 1852 GEORGE LAING (m. Jane SELLAR)
9. Dec 20, 1854 JOHN COOK LAING (m. Janet Pairman MOULTRIE)


10. Auf 22, 1857 CHARLES LAING (Died in infancy)
11. Feb 24, 1859 ROBINA JANE LAING (m. William Fleming RUSSELL)