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Post by gnstill » Sun May 13, 2012 5:47 pm

New Family Page: ALEXANDER KENNEDY (1852-1935)

We look forward to discussions about this family hereunder.

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Post by Kennedy/Thomas » Sat Mar 07, 2015 12:40 am

Sandy Sayer(b. 1882) is buddies with John George Kennedy(b. 1870) as deckhands and carpenters(see: pg 239 of Gimli Saga: http://manitobia.ca/resources/books/loc ... es/013.pdf). Their fathers taught them ie. George Sayer(see George Sayer page of this website) taught carpentry to his son Sandy and JG's father Alex(ander) who died in Winnipeg as a carpenter taught him(see: Alexander Kennedy(b. 1852) page of this website). Alexander Kennedy helps build a church for the Church of England intended for Indians in the agricultural program living on the St. Peters Reserve were all the Kennedy's in my family tree called home. They also worked in logging and paid well compared to farming-unless the rewards of sewing the seeds could be seen as per Rev. Cochrane. Alex is there also because he is related to the Scottish Sinclair Clan by way of his mother Margarite Sinclair(c.1820). Sandy Sayer's sister is Caroline Sayer, the mother of Ventrice Thomas(See: Ventrice Thomas page on this website). Sandy Sayer married his buddy JG's 'sister' Flora Kennedy making Flora Ventrice Thomas's aunt by marriage. Sandy and Caroline Sayer's father is George Sayer and an Ojibwa woman whose ancestors are highly likely to come from Ontario, possibly the US side of the border on their way to Manitoba following the wild rice field routes-wandering along living as they did before Europeans arrived. Caroline Sayer lived on Bear/Matheson Island with an Anderson. The islands here are were Louis Simard/Seymour lived with his wife Betsy Cochrane who was most likely baptized by Rev. Cochrane, the same Cochrane(s) who were involved with the St. Peters(Peguis) Indians during Cochrane's agricultural reform. Betsy's maiden name prior to European contact was Thaddeus(French) and her mother's name at death was Eugenia Thaddeus nee Stephenson/Stevenson aka Appitayossin. Another of JG's daughters, Margaret Kennedy married Charles Simard/Seymour, the son of Louis Simard/Seymour and wife Betsy Simard nee Cochrane nee Stephenson/Stevenson aka Appitayossins(Ojibwa/Saulteaux persuasion).

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Post by derekhk » Wed Mar 06, 2019 1:39 pm

There is an Alex Kennedy buried in the Anglican graveyard at Fort Smith NWT. He had a son Philip Allen Kennedy that moved to Fort Smith with him. They came from the Peace River area and he was a veteran of the Nile Expedition. He was originally in Red River. His grave marker has him being born December 28, 1854 and he died in Fort Smith December 27, 1938. I think this is the Alex Kennedy that laid claim to Lot 19 at St Peters. His son Philip died 1944 and is buried in the St Isadore Catholic Cemetery in Fort Smith. Philip's wife Leonni Mercredi was Catholic. Philip's children are buried in both the Anglican and Catholic Cemeteries. Two of Philip's children are still living in Fort Smith, Philip Jr born 1926 and Charles born 1931.

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