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Post by gnstill » Sun Apr 08, 2012 12:20 pm

New Featured Family Page: JOHN FREDERICK KENNEDY (1805-1859)

I'm looking forward to discussions about this family, hereunder.

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Post by Kennedy/Thomas » Sun Apr 08, 2012 4:17 pm

Captain William Kennedy, An Extraordinary Canadian *

by Edward C. Shaw, M.D.

MHS Transactions, Series 3, Number 27, 1970-71 season

The passage above available on www.mhs.mb.ca website stated that Captain William Kennedy had no living descendants by the time it was written. However there is no real story on Phillip Kennedy included in it. The writer Edward C. Shaw admits that there are few records on the family and offers a backgrounder on the Kennedy's who worked for HBC as a family that traveled together off the books and got their positions through ascribed status within the HBC Company. It would be nice to exclude more Kennedy candidates as the possible fathers of Alexander Kennedy(1852) who 'married' Margaret Dennet(1853) and had John George Kennedy(1870). More importantly find which Kennedy is responsible for all those Kennedy's in that 1876 Daily Free Press article on St. Peters Reserve. There is at least one Phillip Kennedy on the Metis National Database as well as an Alexander Kennedy who fit in to the timeline of the Kennedy family associated with the HBC Company.

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Post by Thomas » Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:00 am

Hi Gary

Eliza ( Elizabeth ) Kennedy is known to have the Oldest Tombstone in British Columbia dated !850. There are some Kennedys' listed in various city directories ( Hendersons etc ) for victoria which match up with the children of Fanny and John F. Kennedy. As well there are numerous entries for Kennedys' in the B.C. Vital statistics Data Base. It would appear that at least some of the children of John and Fanny remained in B.C. purhaps those that can not be found in the above sources are those who returned to Red River.


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Post by Thomas » Thu May 10, 2012 8:35 am

Hi Gary

A Little more on the children of John and Fanny. There is some conflict with other sources this comes from
" Wearing the Mantle on Both Shoulders" by Marki Sellers

"Their children were: Jenny Kennedy (who may have died in childhood), Eliza Kennedy, John George Kennedy, Mary Caroline Kennedy (married to Ogilvy and died in 1873 at approximately 33 years of age); James Philip Kennedy; and Alexander Augustus Kennedy, who may also have been a surgeon and died in 1867."


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Post by fawcettkennedy » Fri Dec 21, 2012 1:01 pm

James Phillip Kennedy obituary

“Died at Victoria, British Columbia, Aug 1, 1884, James Phillip Kennedy, of the Hon Hudson’s Bay Company’s service, aged 45. The Chinese cook in the employ of Mr Kennedy made a ghastly discovery in his master’s bedroom. Kennedy was Son of late Dr Kennedy, the vice of the Hudson’s Bay Company and born at Fort Simpson. He raised a large family of sons all of whom, we believe, are now dead. Funeral from his late residence, Beacon Hill. Pallbearers included some of the oldest friends of deceased: Messrs D McKay, J H Lawson, John Work, James Sargison, Captain Wolfenden. Native of British Columbia. “[Colonist, 1884-08-01*]


Hi, I am new to this. I am not a kennedy or relative. I have been researching the land title history of my lot in james Bay, Victoria, BC.

The lot was purchased in 1878 by Rowland W fawcett and James Philip Kennedy. I have not been able to find much info on James P.

What I do know is that he was a friend of the Fawcett family. He is mentioned as having lived in Edgar Fawcetts home for a time in his book Some Reminiscences of Old Victoria. (Edgar was the youger brothere of Rowland.) Edgar also mentions that he was taught by a Mr Kennedy in school in Victoria and that this was Dr Kennedy's son. P 28, Ithink. This book is on-line at the gutenberg site. Just look up edgar Fawcett.

James Philip was deceased by 1884 (British Colonist). There is no Obit but and 'intestate' notice.

There is also mentioned a John P in someletters dated 1865, and I am wondering if there was a John P Kennedy, James P's brother.

There is a James P Kennedy mentioned in the British Colonist online and lots of mention in that source of JP Kennedy, Hudson Bay employee, marksman and member of The Victoria Volunteer Rifles. JP went to Wimbledon and repressented Victoria there in a shooting compettition. He was also a Sergeant - probably in the 'Rifles.' Thats about all I have so far. IF you know anything more, I would like to hear it.

To me it is odd that there seems to be a John Philip Kennedy and a James Philip Kennedy. But why not? There is definatley a James Philip Kennedy.

I have seen a refernce to a 'John 'P in a letter dated 1865, with know last name. But thought that it might be a Kennedy due to the context and the closeness of James Philip to the Fawcett Family in Victoria. The one line message was 'John P opens his heart'.

I have written about the history surrounding the home and lot we have in Victoria. That how I got started on this looking back in time. and have posted what I have written here:


This is a frist draft. I mention the Fawcetts and J P Kennedy. (I happend to own a small B+B and this is not ad ad for the B+B. and the page is not linked to it. IT was just a land title search that got carried away.) David

It looks like there are replies to this post but I dont see how to open them.

Photo of JP here:

photo Victorians [Rifle Volunteers] at Beacon Hill Camp 50 years ago - Captain E H Fletcher, Private Jules Dassonville, Coporal F R Sargison, Edgar Fawcett, Pat Deasy; Lieutenant Wood, Thomas Somerville; Captain Green, Dorman, E H Fletcher; Sgts Woollacott, C S 'Jack' Finlaison [returns to Victoria May 20, 1919, 10 - Big Four of James Bay Athletic Association athlete], R Plummer; J Dassonville, Private Lakin, F Sargison, J P Kennedy; Homfray; Wootton, Deasy, Henly...; Jul 25, 5 - Fawcett thinks that photo was probably from 1880 or 1882 as Captain E H Fletcher was not a volunteer in 1866, as he was not in British Columbia, and was only 10 at the time [1866]. Jul 29 - remembers being at that camp, J Wriglesworth, Shawnigan lake. Also names Bandmaster Haynes and W Huxtable. 'We numbered 200 men, officers of No 1 Co were: Captain Lang, Lieutenant Pearce, Adj Vintner. I was one of the sentries at the time of the gunpowder business.' Jul 30, 20 - letter to editor, Edgar Fawcett, 1st Volunteer Corps... [Colonist, 1916-07-23, p. 17]

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Post by Jan L Fisher » Wed Jan 12, 2022 3:49 pm

Updated information regarding the children of Dr John Frederick Kennedy 1805-1859 & Fanny or Sudaal 1818-1858

Alexander Augustus Kennedy 1832 Port Simpson - 6 Feb 1867 Victoria
- Died suddenly at his Humboldt St, Victoria, Vancouver Island house, Feb. 6, 1867, Alexander Kennedy, aged 35, eldest Son of late Dr Kennedy, Hudson's Bay Co. He was a large, stout man, and death is supposed to have resulted from apoplexy. (Times Colonist)

Elizabeth Agnes or Eliza Kennedy Nov 1835 Port Simpson - 15 Feb 1850 Victoria. Baptized Port Simpson.
Fanny or Jennie Kennedy abt 1837 - 1862 Victoria (No baptism; no verification except family history from Red River site)

Mary Caroline Kennedy abt1842 - 24 Jan 1873. Baptized Fort Simpson. Married John D B Ogilvy 1835-1865. Two children: Agnes Buchanan Ogilvy 1860-1860; John Drummond Buchanan Ogilvy 1864-1869.
- Death of Mrs Ogilvy - Mrs Ogilvy, widow of the late J B D Ogilvy, and daughter of the late Dr Kennedy, of the Hudson Bay Company, died yesterday morning. Mr Ogilvy, it will be remembered, was murdered at Bella Coola, nearly eight years ago, by a smuggler named Antono who, as revenue officer, Mr Ogilvy had arrested. Antone was subsequently pressed so hard by Indians and others who were sent in pursuit that he died of starvation in the woods. Since her husband's death, Mrs Ogilvy (who was a most estimable lady) has enjoyed a pension. (Times Colonist)

John C Kennedy abt1849 Port Simpson - 25 Dec 1862 Brae Side, British Columbia. Baptized Port Simpson.
- Died at Brae Side, Vancouver Island, Dec 25 1862 of consumption, Mr J C Kennedy, chief trader in Hudson's Bay Co's service at Fort [Port] Simpson. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from residence of his sister, Mrs M C Ogilvey, Brae Side (Times Colonist)

James Phillip Kennedy 1851 Port Simpson - 4 Aug 1884 Victoria. Baptized Port Simpson. Lengthy article of the death and family in the 1 Aug 1884 Victoria Daily Times. Also, numerous articles regarding the dispensation of his estate as he had no will. Died of an aneurism.

Frederick Kennedy (No baptism; no verification except family history from Red River site)

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