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Eugene David WALTERS was born Sep 22, 1864 in Plaistow, Sussex, England, son of BRAZIER (?) and Henry WALTERS (1841-1874).


Eugene studied to be a Baptist Minister; spent some time as a missionary in Jamaica.


A Missionary in Jamaica
Marriage to Eva NEEDHAM


On Aug 11, 1889 Eugene married Eva Victoria NEEDHAM in Kingston, Jamaica, daughter of Julia JENKINSON and Jonathan NEEDHAM (1821-1900). On Feb 28, 1891 their first child, Geraldine, was born in Savannah-la-mar, WI, Jamaica.


In 1892 son Howard was born in Monticello, Minnesota (USA) where Eugene studied to become a Medical Doctor.

Eugene’s last three children were born in England; Doris in 1894, Janet in 1896 and Francis (Frank) in 1898.


Eugene Walters and Daughters circa 1902

Circa 1902: Eugene Walters with daughters Janet, Doris and Geraldine (From Penny Adamson)


Immigration to Canada (Stonewall, Manitoba)


In 1903 Eugene came to Canada as a Baptist Minister. His first mission was at Stonewall, Manitoba.


Census of 1906 in the Village of Stonewall: Reverend Eugene WALTERS, age 41; wife Eva, age 39. Children: Geraldine (age 15), Howard (13), Doris (12), Janet (10) and Francis (age 7).


Winnipeg, Manitoba


Census of 1911 in Winnipeg (791 McMillan): Eugene WALTERS, Doctor, Baptist, age 48; wife Eva, age 45. Children: Geraldine (age 20), Howard (18), Morris (17), Janet (14) and Francis (age 12).


Summer Cottage in Petersfield, Manitoba


In 1912 Eugene WALTERS bought a cottage at St Louis (now Petersfield). Son Frank was then 13 years old and this cottage would later become his home.


Census of 1916 at 791 McMillan Ave in Winnipeg: Dr. Eugene WALTERS, Doctor, age 52; wife Ella, age 49. Children: Doris (age 22), Janet (20) and Frank (age 18).


Census of 1921 at 791 McMillan Ave in Winnipeg: Dr. Eugene WATERS, age 56; wife Eva, age 53. Children: Doris N (age 27), Janet A (24) and Frank(Student, age 22).


In 1927 youngest son Francis married Minnie Ellen FOORD in Winnipeg, daughter of Christina KIRKNESS and Frederick James FOORD (1879-1961).  ** MORE ABOUT FREEDERICK JAMES FOORD


On May 9, 1934 Eugene WALTERS died in Winnipeg.


On Nov 9, 1945 Eva (nee NEEDHAM) WALTERS died in Winnipeg.


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========================== Family Details ==========================


1. Feb 21, 1891 GERALDINE GEDDES WALTERS (m1. Frank MONTAGUE; m2. Alphonse Ovid HUGUET)
2. Aug 13, 1892 HOWARD WALTERS (m1. Hilda; m2. Ethel; m3. Clatrmond HICKS; m4. Edna Nellie STUBBS)
3. Mar 28, 1894 DORIS NINA WALTERS (m. Hartley Colin McFAYDEN)
4. Jun 25, 1896 JANET ADELAIDE WALTERS (m. Alexander Francis WATTS)
5. Nov 11, 1898 FRANCIS (FRANK) WALTERS (m. Minnie Ellen FOORD)