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EDWIN HODGSON (1857-1907)

(Last Updated: August 18, 2017)


Edwin HODGSON was born Mar 6, 1857 in St Andrews, son of Catherine DAVIS and John HODGSON (1826-1898), both half-breeds. ** MORE ABOUT JOHN HODGSON


Edwin and Jane Mary PRUDEN


Around 1879 Edwin was in a connubial relationship with Jane Mary PRUDEN, daughter of Sarah TRUTHWAITE and William PRUDEN (1833-1914). On Dec 13, 1879 daughter Frances Jane was born in St Andrews.



Census 1881: St Andrews Parish: Edwin, age 24, his wife Jane Mary, age 20, and their daughter Frances Jane, age 1, all living with Ed's father John HODGSON.


On Oct 21, 1889 Jane Mary (nee PRUDEN) HODGSON died.  She was only 28 yrs old.


Census of 1891 at Lambert’s Point: With his elderly parents (Catherine & John HODGSON) is John HODGSON, widower, age 33, and his children: Frances (age 11) and Charles(age 6).


Edwin’s sister (Frances Elizabeth b-1865) married 1892 in Winnipeg to Stewart George MACRAE from Quebec or Ontario. Frances died in 1893, about a month after giving birth to a daughter (Rose MACRAE). Edwin HODGSON adopted Rose, his niece, and it appears that her father (brother-in-law Stewart MacRAE) also moved in with them.


In 1898 daughter Frances Jane married Thomas BUNN in St Andrews, son of Rachel HARRIOTT and Thomas BUNN (1830-1875). ** MORE ABOUT THOMAS BUNN


Census of 1901 in St Andrews Parish:  Edwin HUDSON, a widower, age 44; son Charles (age 16). Mother: Widow Catherine HUDSON, age 79 (born in 1821); Aunt: Widow Frances HUDSON(born 1818); Niece: Rose HUDSON (born MacRAE), age 8 (born Feb 11, 1893). **Note that in 1906 Frances HUDSON becomes Frances MOWAT. ** This is Francoise “Fanny” DAVIS born 1818 (Edwin’s Aunt; his mother (Catherine’s) sister), daughter of Ann Nancy HODGSON and John DAVIS (1785-1849). ** MORE ABOUT JOHN DAVIS


Census of 1906 in St Andrews Parish:  Edwin HODGSON, age 49, a widower; son Charles (age 21); his mother, Widow Catherine HODGSON, age 82 (born c1824 in Ontario)).  Also living with him is his Aunt Frances MOWAT (age 87), niece, Rose MACHRAY (age 13) and a "lodger" named Stewart MACHRAY, age 49 (Rose’s father).


In 1907 son Charles Edwin married Bertha FIDLER in Mapleton, daughter of Jane YOUNG and William FIDLER (1845-1929). ** MORE ABOUT WILLIAM FIDLER


On Oct 22, 1907 Edwin HODGSON diedin St Andrews, age 50.


Stewart MacRAE and his daughter Rose moved in with the family of Edwin’s daughter & son-in-law, Thomas BUNN (in East Selkirk).


In 1923 adopted daughter (niece) Rose Stewart MACRAE married William Howard PENFOLDin Selkirk, son of Olive and William PENFOLD (born 1866 in England).


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========================== Family Details ==========================


1. Dec 13, 1879 FRANCES JANE HODGSON (m. Thomas William George BUNN)
2. Apr 22, 1882 RACHEL HODGSON (Died 1886, age 4)
3. Mar 6, 1885 CHARLES EDWIN HODGSON (m. Bertha FIDLER)
4. Oct 8, 1889 SARAH CATHERINE LOUISE HODGSON (Died in infancy)
Adopted Niece:
1. Feb 11, 1893 ROSE MACRAE (m. William Howard Peter PENFOLD)