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FLORA ANN “Granny Mayo” LYONS (1886-1976)
(Last Updated: December 15, 2014)


Benjamin Bertram MAYO was born Sep 25, 1881 in St Peters, MB, the first child of Caroline SUTHERLAND (an Indian) & Irishman Charles Edwin MAYO (1834-1917). ** MORE ABOUT CHARLES EDWIN MAYO


By 1906 Ben was 26 years old and living with his parents on Taylor Avenue in Selkirk, MB. He worked as a ‘teamster’ for many years.


Marriage to Flora LYONS


On Jan 15, 1907 Ben married in Selkirk to Flora Ann LYONS, daughter of Alice McKENZIE & William LYONS (1856-1939) from Mapleton (Old England). ** MORE ABOUT WILLIAM LYONS


On July 30, 1911, son Benjamin Jr. was born in Selkirk. At that time the family was living on Jemima Street.


World War I


On Aug 14, 1914 Great Britain declared war on Germany and Austria-Hungary to uphold treaties with France and Belgium which were under German attack. This marked the beginning of World War I.


When the Census was taken in 1916, Ben was a ‘Teamster’ living on Main Street in Selkirk. He was recorded as age 35; Flora, age 30. Children were Ben Jr. (age 4) and William (age 2).


On June 10, 1917, Ben’s father, Charles Edwin MAYO Sr. died in Selkirk at the age of 83.


In 1918 son Cyril Allan was born in Selkirk.


November 11, 1919, Armistice Day (Remembrance Day) marked the end of the First World War.


By 1919 the Manitoba Rolling Mills was operational and for the next seven decades would play a major role in Selkirk’s economy. Around that time Ben’s father-in-law, William LYONS, was supplying (by contract) heavy horses to haul ingots from the ‘open-hearth’ to the Rolling Mills. William was one of the first Teamsters and three of his sons worked at the Mill.


My information indicates that by 1928 Ben had six children (Ben Jr., William, Cyril, Bruce, Hubert and Catherine).


Benjamin MAYO SR. died on Jan 19, 1938 in Selkirk, age 57.


World War II


On Mar 22, 1939, Flora’s father, William LYONS, died in Mapleton; buried in the St Clements Cemetery. Active pallbearers were his grandsons, James and Burr McKENZIE; Ben. Cecil, William and Bruce MAYO.


The Second World War began in the fall of 1939 with the German invasion of Poland. Britain and France declared war on the Nazi Third Reich on Sep 3, 1939; on Sep 10, 1939 Canada, under Prime Minister Mackenzie KING, officially made its declaration of war against Nazi Germany.


On June 6, 1944, son Cyril died in France (Juno Beach). He would have been about 26 years old.


May 7, 1945: Germany surrenders, the war in Europe ends; the next day, May 8, is declared VE Day.
August 14, 1945: Japan surrenders - VJ Day. The Second World War is officially over.


In 1948 eldest son Benjamin married Inez BIRSTON, the youngest daughter of Eliza (nee FIDLER) McKENZIE and John Thomas BIRSTON (1875-1850). ** MORE ABOUT JOHN THOMAS BIRSTON


On Jan 31, 1976 Flora Ann MAYO died at her residence at 312 Taylor Avernue in Selkirk; age 89.


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========================== Family Details ==========================




2. May 14, 1914 WILLIAM ELLIS MAYO (m. Winifred Violet TINLING)

3. 1918 CYRIL ALLAN MAYO (Died at war in 1944)

Cyril died June 6, 1944, in France (Juno Beach), during World War I

4. May 2, 1921 BRUCE ARCHIBALD MAYO (m1. Myrtle Gertrude FROST; m2. Irene KANERVA)