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(Last Updated: August 28, 2012) 


John Lawrence McDONALD was born Jan 18, 1881 at Lambert’s Point south of the Old St Andrews Church on the Red, son of Elizabeth ANDERSON (half-breed) & John McDONALD SR (1827-1913) from Scotland.


Around 1907 John McDONALD (age 28) had an illicit affair with 26 year-old Sarah LAMBERT, daughter of Harriet SANDERSON & Andrew LAMBERT (1849-1915). They had both grown up together as neighbors at Lambert’s Point.



On Jan 27, 1908, Sarah LAMBERT gave birth to a daughter named Kathleen.


Sarah’s Affair with George DICKINSON


It was in 1909, while she and her baby Kathleen were living in East Selkirk with her parents, that Sarah LAMBERT had another illicit affair, this time with George DICKINSON, the owner of a Livery Stable in Selkirk. It’s possible that John McDONALD was working for DICKINSON at the time. On June 21, 1910 their illegitimate child (Irene) was born.



Soon after she was born, baby Irene was adopted by the family of her mother’s (Sarah’s) Aunt Grace (nee SANDERSON) and Uncle Robert MOORE (1862-1937) who lived at Ridgely, west of Selkirk. (Aunt Grace being a sister of Sarah’s mother, Harriet (nee SANDERSON). ** MORE ABOUT IRENE with GRACE & ROBERT MOORE


In 1911 John (age 32) was living with his parents at Lambert’s Point while Sarah LAMBERT (age 30) and their three year old daughter Kathleen were with her parents (Harriet & Andrew LAMBERT) who were now living on Clandeboye Avenue in Selkirk.


On Jan 26, 1913 John’s father (John McDONALD Sr.) died.


John & Sarah Formally Wed


On Oct 1, 1913 John formally married Sarah LAMBERT at the Old St Andrews Church on the Red, legitimizing his daughter Kathleen.


In 1915 when Sarah’s brother, Donald LAMBERT, enlisted he gave his next-of-kin as his sister, Mrs J MacDONALD of Selkirk (his sister being Sarah). In the Census of 1916 Sarah, John and daughter Kathleen (age 8) were recorded on Stanley Ave. in Selkirk. John is listed as a Labourer in a Livery Stable (owned by George DICKINSON). Sarah’s 19 year-old brother Donald, a soldier, is staying with them.


I was told by someone in the family that Sarah had a 2nd husband named Robert ANDERSON, but cannot pin him down (need more info).


I have no information beyond 1916; don’t know when Sarah or John died.


I do recall seeing a picture taken at Ventrice’s home dated about 1943 that had Sarah (LAMBERT) in it; Irene THOMAS holding her baby Eldred; a  man said to be Robert ANDERSON was also in the picture.


========================== Family Details ==========================


Child of John  McDONALD & Sarah LAMBERT:

1. Jan 27, 1908 KATHLEEN McDONALD