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James SANDERSON, a halfbreed,was born around 1816, son of Sarah CREE and James SANDERSON SR (1780-1873), an HBC voyageur. ** MORE ABOUT JAMES SANDERSON SR


In 1823 James’ parents (Sarah and James Sr.) were church-wed at the St Johns Anglican Church in Red River. In 1827 when Jams was about 11 years old, his mother (Sarah Cree) died and his father re-married to Margaret LEWIS, daughter of an Indian woman & Joseph LOUIS alias Levy JOHNSON (1773-1820), an African (Mullatto).


In 1829 his father retired from the HBC and in 1831 his step-mother, Margaret (LEWIS) died when James was about 15 years old. In 1832 his father married a third time to Ann WHITFORD, the 31 year- old daughter of Sarah INDIAN & James Peter WHITFORD (1766-1818), from England. 


Marriage to Elizabeth ANDERSON


On Dec 27, 1838 James married Elizabeth ANDERSON at St John’s Anglican Church in Red River, daughter of Mary Anne DESMARAIS and John ANDERSON (1804-1884). On Nov 15, 1839 daughter Mary was born in St Andrews.


HBC Voyageur


Beginning in 1840, James worked for HBC as a Bowsman, Middleman and Steersman in the Athabasca and Mackenzie River districts. In 1847-48 he retired in the Mackenzie District. (From HBC Archives)


In the spring of 1850, James SANDERSON died by drowning in Lake Manitoba when his boat capsized.


It is said that Widow Elizabeth re-married to a William SUTHERLAND (b-1825) of so far undetermined origins (perhaps referring to ID-4498 in Sprague & Frye).


Around 1858-59 daughter Mary married John Lazerous NORQUAY, said to have been an illegitimate child ofMary Polly ANDERSON and Henry NORQUAY (1810-1874).


Around 1865 son John married Ann Elizabeth SMITH, daughter of Nancy FAVEL and John James SMITH (1791-1850). ** MORE ABOUT JOHN JAMES SMITH


Around 1869 son George married Elizabeth Barbara ADAMS, daughter of Anne HAYWOOD and George ADAMS (1796-1865). ** MORE ABOUT GEORGE ADAMS


In 1872 son James married Maria McKAY, daughter of Caroline COOK and Edward McKAY (1824-1884).


In 1873 son John, widowed, re-married to Euphemia WHITFORD, daughter of Mary ROBILLARD and James WHITFORD (1829-1872).


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======================== Family Details ========================


1. Nov 15, 1839 MARY SANDERSON (m. John Lazerus NORQUAY)
2. Apr 11, 1843 JOHN SANDERSON (m. Ann-Elizabeth SMITH)
3. Sep 29, 1844 GEORGE WILLIAM SANDERSON (m1. Elizabeth Barbara ADAMS, m2. Euphemia WHITFORD)


4. Mar 23, 1848 JAMES FRANCIS SANDERSON (m. Maria McKAY)