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ADELAIDE FAVEL (1880-1903)
ROSE ANN “ROSA or BABY” RAMSAY (1888-1955)
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William Alexander MONKMAN was born Aug 7, 1878 in Clandeboye, Manitoba, son of Nancy CHASTELLAINE and Andrew MONKMAN (1851-1929).** MORE ABOUT ANDREW MONKMAN


** The book “Loon Straits Through the Years – The Monkman Ancestry” was authored by this William’s daughter-in-law, Kathleen (nee MAKARA before she died in 1958). Kathleen was the wife of William’s eldest son, Joseph MONKMAN (1908-1965). This book is a ‘must-read’ for descendants of William MONKMAN and is frequently referenced in my narratives simply as Kathleen.


William’s grandfather was ‘Joseph ‘Ole Joe MONKMAN (1810-1899), noted for his participation in the events of the historic Red River Métis Rebellion. ** MORE ABOUT ‘OLE JOE’ MONKMAN


In 1888 his mother (Nancy) died in the St Peters Indian Reserve. In 1891 William (age 12) was recorded there with his widowed father (Andrew). the MONKMAN family then  moved to Loon Straits where he became a fisherman.


In 1897 William’s father (Andrew) re-married in Gimli to Catherine Elizabeth WHITESAND. They lived at Loon Straits for the rest of their lives. William was 18 years old then, the eldest child in the family and it seems he remained in St Peters until after he was married. In 1901 he was recorded in St Clements Parish as a 22 year old fisherman.


Dog Head - Manigotagan


In 1897 William’s father (Andrew) re-married in Gimli to Catherine Elizabeth WHITESAND. They lived at Loon Straits for the rest of their lives. William was 18 years old then; the eldest child in the family and it seems he remained in St Peters much of the time until after he was married, probably staying with his grandfather ‘Ole Joe’ MONKMAN. In 1901 he was recorded in St Clements Parish as a 22 year old fisherman.


William & Adelaide FAVEL


Around 1902 William’s wife was Adelaide FAVEL of so far undetermined origins. ** Perhaps Adelaide was a daughter of Mary Anderson and Thomas FAVEL (b-1869). It is hoped that someone will come forward on the Forum with more information.


In 1903 Adelaide died after giving birth to his daughter Rosalie.            


William & Rose Ann RAMSAY


On March 19, 1906 William married Rose Anne RAMSAY b-1888, daughter of Julia & John RAMSAY. They settled at Loon Straits that year near his father, and William ran a Fishing Station there for over 40 years. He also built boats and held a fishing license till 1956.


William Monkman & Rose Ann Ramsay

William Monkman & Rose Ann Ramsay (From Hicks)


In 1907 the St Peter's Indian Reserve was surrendered and by 1909 most of the native residents had moved to present day Peguis Reserve (Fisher River).


In the 1911 Census William (age 32) and Rosa (age 23) were enumerated at Ramsay Point with four children: Rosalie (age 8), Violet (4), Joseph (2) and Hector (age 1).


In 1913 daughter Thelma was born, followed by Harry in 1914.


World War I


On Aug 4, 1914 Great Britain (Canada on Aug 5) declared war on Germany and Austria-Hungary to uphold treaties with France and Belgium which were under German attack. This marked the beginning of World War I.


Around 1915 William moved back to Loon Straits. Son William was born in 1916.


In January of 1918 William’s brother Thomas MONKMAN died, and nine months later his Thomas’ wife Maggie (nee SCOTT) also died in the flu epidemic. Rose Ann and William raised their five orphaned children (his nephews and nieces); Oliver(age 12), Julia (9), Jack (6), Thomas (4) and Percy (age 1). ** MORE ABOUT THOMAS MONKMAN


Elaine Hamilton: William and Rose Ann MONKMAN received a monthly allowance from Accountant of Thomas/Maggie MONKMAN’s Estate valued at $60,000.00 along with assets such as animals, dogs, tack, fishing equipment, etc. for care of these children according to documents retained by Oliver MONKMAN eldest son of Thomas & Maggie MONKMAN.


To accommodate his growing flock of children, William built the log house that was given several coats of whitewash. It became known as the ‘White House’ of Loon Straits. Daughter Laura was born there that year.


The Monkman 'White House' 1918

The White House built in 1918 (From Kathleen)

November 11,1919, Armistice Day (Remembrance Day) marked the end of the First World War.


Son Garfield was born in 1920, Herbert in 1923 then Olive, Doris and Lawrence in 1929.


Census 1921 at Loon Straits: William MONKMAN, age 43; wife Rose Anna, age 32. Children: Violet (age 14), Joseph (12), Hector (11), Elma (9), Henry (7), William (5), Laura (3) and Garfield (age 1). Nephews and nieces (children of his brother Thomas): Oliver (age 14), Julia (12), Walter (9), Thomas (6) and Percy (age 3). Lodger: David CHASTELAINE, age 32. This is probably John David CHASTELLAINE (1883-1951).  ** MORE ABOUT JOHN DAVID CHASTELLAINE
At this time Rose Ann and William had no less than 13 youngsters to feed.


In 1927 daughter Violet married Alexander Donald McLEOD, son of Sarah Harriet FIDLER and Alexander Donald McLEOD SR (1873-1935). ** MORE ABOUT ALEX McLEOD

In 1931 son Joseph married Kathleen MAKARA in Winnipeg, daughter of Mary STEVENSON and Alexander MAKARA (1889), a Hungarian immigrant. ** This is the Kathleen who authored the book ‘Loon Straits Through the Years’.

Also in 1931 daughter Thelma married James Wallace RIGDEN in Winnipeg, son of Caroline & Wallace RIGDEN. James was born in England.


1931 - William Monkman, Roseanne & Family

March 19, 1930 – William, Roseanne & Family – 25th Wedding Anniversary
(From Kathleen – Children identified by Eileen Hamilton)
Back Row: Joseph, Hector, Harry and William
Middle Row: Bert, Garfield, Violet, Laura and Thelma
Front Row: William with Olive on lap; Rose Anne with Lawrence on lap; and Doris


Around 1936 daughter Laura married Peter Edward MOWAT, son of Catherine JENSEN and Arthur MOWAT (b-1888).


In 1938 son William married Mabel Dorothy CRATE, daughter of Margaret MURDOCK and James CRATE (1879-1931) from the Fisher River Reserve.


World War II


On Sept 4, 1939 Canada and Britain declared war on Germany, and almost immediately new recruits began pouring into Winnipeg to sign up with the Winnipeg Grenadiers and the Royal Rifles of Canada.


In 1939 son Hector married Mary Helen SETTEE in Winnipeg, daughter of Elizabeth JOHNSTONE & Charles Gilbert SETTEE (1867-1944).  ** MORE ABOUT CHARLES GILBERT SETTEE


In 1941 son Harry married Elsie DISBROWE, daughter of Caroline BERENS and Frederick Augustus DISBROWE (1852-1950) from England. ** MORE ABOUT FREDERICK AUGUSTUS DISBROWE


On May 7, 1945 Germany surrendered and the war in Europe ended; the next day, May 8, is declared VE Day. On August 14, 1945 Japan surrendered - VJ Day. The Second World War was officially over.


In 1946 son Garfield married Gladys THOMAS at Stony Point, daughter of Mary Ann ANDERSON & Henry George THOMAS (1876-1961).


In 1950 daughter Olive married Walter D’ARCIS in Winnipeg, son of Maria Jane STEVENSON and James Finlayson D’ARCIS (1877-1965).


In 1954 Rose Anne took sick and was moved to a Winnipeg Hospital. In June of 1955 she returned home where she died that August.


Grandson Glen MONKMAN:  On May 11, 1958 William MONKMAN suffered a heart attack and died in his own home at Loon Straits. He is buried in the Loon Straits cemetery beside his wife Rose.


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======================= Family Details =======================


Child by Adeline FAVEL:
1. 1902 ROSALIE “ROSE” MONKMAN (m. Stanley McDONALD)
Children by RAMSAY:
1. Dec 30, 1906 VIOLET CLEMENTINE MONKMAN (m. Alexander Donald “Sandy” McLEOD)
2. July 17, 1908 JOSEPH MONKMAN (m. Kathleen MAKARA)
3. Apr 30, 1912 HECTOR MONKMAN (m. Mary Helen (Ellen) SETTEE)
4. Feb 27. 1913 THELMA MONKMAN (m1. Jim RIGDEN, m2. Ed PHELAN, m3. Bill PARK)
5. Feb 8, 1914 HARRY MONKMAN (m. Elsie DISBROWE)
6. Jan 28, 1916 WILLIAM A “WILLY” MONKMAN JR (m. Mabel Dorothy CRATE)
7. Oct 23, 1917 LAURA MONKMAN (m. Peter MOWAT)
8. May 23, 1920 GARFIELD "GARF" MONKMAN (m. Gladys Victorine THOMAS)
10. May 4, 1923 OLIVE MAE MONKMAN (m. Walter D’ARCIS)
11. 1923 DORIS MONKMAN (Died 1933, age 10)
12. Sep 28, 1929 LAWRENCE MONKMAN